Penalty Shoot Out Slot Machine Review

Penalty Shoot Out

Penalty Shoot Out slot machine is a classic instant win game developed by leading bitcoin casino software developer Playtech. The main goal of this game is to shoot the ball past the goalkeeper and score a goal.

The game process consists of selecting a bet and one of the shots. If the ball ends up in the net, you win. If the goalkeeper kicks it away, you forfeit your bet.

Penalty Shoot Out is a fixed odds game in which the prizes you can win depend entirely on how much you bet. It can be played online on a PC. Unfortunately, there is no mobile version yet.

How to Play?

After your bet is placed, the player has to hit the shot buttons. Then they have several options. They could aim for the lower corners of the goal, shoot the center of the net, or shoot high into the upper corners. Each target area has a certain multiplier relative to its rate. When your shot is lined up, press the shot button to make it.

If the ball hits the back of the net, the player has scored a goal and is paid the appropriate multipliers, which have been determined in advance. If the goalkeeper saves the penalty shot or the player misses, the player loses and nothing is paid out.

Shooting at the bottom corners of the goal always gives three times the multiplier, while aiming at the center of the goal gives five times the multiplier. Shooting at the top corners promises a 12x multiplier, although the probability of success is low.

You will notice that on the right side of the screen is a history screen of previous iterations. This details where the player has taken his previous shots and how the goalkeeper has behaved. This is a useful enough option, perhaps worth a peek from time to time, to make sure you don’t put the ball in the same place too often. It’s not really confirmed how well the goalkeeper “remembers” your shot direction preferences, the default here is a random algorithm. Testing the game has not revealed any patterns either.

It is important to remember that all Playtech games, including Penalty Shoot Out, have extensive customization, allowing you to make various changes to the interface and gameplay.

Winning combinations

There are no special bonuses or free spins here, and you only have a chance to win the maximum with a 12x multiplier depending on where you bet, that’s the magic of RTP. When you place a target in the lower right or left corner, it’s 96.90%; for the upper left and right corner, it’s 97.20%; and in the center, it’s 96%.

Bet size

Players can bid as low as 0.10 units per strike. However, if you are brave and want to truly empathize with the game with Penalty Shoot Out slot machine – akin to real life – you can bet 1,000 times that – up to 100.00 units per strike.

Play for free or for real money

You can learn soccer by playing this gambling game for free. Just press the kick button to test your goal scoring skills. If you decide to play for real money, choose the best online casino that offers a generous welcome bonus. Create an account and make your first deposit to start playing.

Penalty Shoot Out Bonus Games

Bonuses are not included in the rules of Penalty Shoot Out.


Penalty Shoot Out does not have a progressive jackpot.