Fascinating Aspects of Playing Progressive Baccarat Online

progressive baccarat

The idea of progressive jackpots is mainly associated with online slots. But it might be interesting to know that Progressive Baccarat online play is absolutely possible in both RNG and live versions.

But is progressive baccarat different from standard baccarat? Is it even a good idea to learn how to play progressive baccarat? Read on to learn more about it and much more.

Main bets in progressive Baccarat

Just like in standard baccarat, the main/inside bets in the progressive version are the draw bet, the player’s hand or the banker’s hand. If you win the banker’s hand, you get a 1:1 payout, although the house’s 5% commission applies. The house advantage here is 1.06%.

Because of the commission, most players prefer to bet on the player’s hand, which has a slightly higher house edge of 1.24%. In this bet, the payout is 1:0.95. Remember that the banker’s hand wins 45.8% of the time, while the player’s hand wins 44.6%.

Finally, a draw bet with odds of 8:1 pays out at 85.20% RTP. If you place this bet, you have only 9.6% chance of winning.

How to play progressive Baccarat?

First and foremost, playing progressive baccarat at top bitcoin casinos online is all about understanding the standard rules of the game. In simple words, there is no noticeable difference when playing this game in an online casino. The only difference is the side bets available, as you will see later in this post.

In this card game, up to seven players can sit at each table, so each player can choose and change their seat during the game. Also, you will see a timer in the upper right corner once the betting window is started.

In addition, this game features 52-card eight decks. Here, aces represent 1, with numbers 2 to 9 representing their traditional values. On the other hand, face cards and tens represent zero value. Game-play continues as usual until a cut card is reached. In this case, the next round gets a new shoe.

Payouts for the progressive Baccarat jackpot

In progressive baccarat, players win the prize after landing an ace and an 8 on a single suit dealt to both hands. So, for example, if both hands get an 8 of hearts and an ace, you will win the day.

Apart from this, other combinations can also pay out good money. If both the player’s hand has clubs and the banker’s hand has hearts, you will receive a whopping 10,000 times your original bet.

What are the odds of winning on the progressive?

As expected, winning a progressive jackpot is not a piece of cake. However, in this case, your chances of winning are slightly better than what you get when playing online slot jackpots.

The odds of winning the progressive baccarat jackpot are 1 in 588,296 tries. Ideally, these numbers are not encouraging at all.

Side bets in progressive Baccarat

Interestingly, in most versions of baccarat, players need to place both side and main bets to qualify for the progressive jackpot. But if you are lucky, the side bet is optional, which means that players can use the bet at any time.

In most online casinos, you often spend at least $1 on the side bet. Nevertheless, most players won’t miss a chance to place this bet as it qualifies you for the jackpot and other payouts.

Is there a winning strategy?

Unfortunately, there is no known strategy to win Play-tech’s progressive baccarat. Nevertheless, this game is still an attractive prospect for many players, considering that there are many side bets involved.

Even better, there are no unreasonable conditions to have a chance at the big prize. Just place a jackpot bet for the round and give it a try!