Blood Suckers Slot Machine Review

Blood Suckers Slot

Blood Suckers online slot machine was released by provider Net Entertainment in November 2013. Already by the end of the year Vampires was topping the popularity lists of almost all known online casinos.

The reason for such a dramatic success – an incredibly high return of 98%. For comparison, most of the machines have RTP in the range of 94 – 97%. High interest motivated NetEnt to launch Blood Suckers II in 2017. Why the original remained out of competition we will consider below.

Graphics and interface

The level of detail of the characters and the depth of color on the machine is above average. The quality of graphics is fully consistent with the year of the release of the machine and is inferior only to modern online slots, including Blood Suckers II. Instead of music, gambler meets howling wind, occasionally interrupted by strange knocking. In combinations collected with the Wild Symbol, you hear the sound of biting. But the animation effects themselves are quite weak.

Interface emulator performed in a classical style for developments NetEnt. In total, the gaming Blood Suckers slot contains five buttons on the control panel:

  • Main Trio. In the center there is a button for a single rotation, on the left – the start of the auto play, on the right – a quick switch to the maximum bet.
  • Dignity Coins. The key sets the denomination.
  • Level. Offers four gradations of the bet.

Another element of the interface – a circle with the letter “i”, opens the paytable and a brief description of the slot.

How to play the Blood Suckers slot machine?

Online slots NetEnt attract non-standard approach to betting. This is evidenced by feedback from addicts. Each slot machine has a certain number of levels of rates, for Blood Suckers they are four – 25, 50, 75 and 100 coins per spin. The multiplicity of increasing amounts chosen not by chance. On the classic 5×3 format field has 25 lines. Their number is fixed. In fact, the level of bets shows the number of credits per line.

To play for money, you also need to configure the denomination. Available rate of virtual coins to real currencies (dollar, euro and others) – 0.01, 0.02, 0.05, 0.1, 0.2 and 0.5. This option is also important in the demo mode, when the slot machine is run on the casino site without registration. Varying the denomination, you can get more free credits in the initial balance.

Blood Suckers symbols

The role of Wild performs a pair – the vampire and his victim. The Wild Symbol in the ghoul’s bite substitutes for any of the machine’s characters except Scatter and Bonus. Other features of the Wild:

  • Forms its own payable chains;
  • Two Wild Symbols are enough for a combination;
  • Five Wild on the active line – maximum winnings of 30,000 coins.

The Scatter symbol is represented by a vampire with a veil. The list of properties of the Scatter includes:

  • The ability to pay off the lines if there are at least two Scatter symbols on the field;
  • Launch and reactivation of a round of free spins;
  • A different mechanism of prize accrual (it is described in the next chapter).

The third special element is Bonus. This is a hammer and stake, crossed on the background of the sarcophagus. Bonus symbol serves only to start the thematic prize game.

All odds are multiplied by the bet level (1 – 4), which gives the amount of winnings. The exception is Scatter. Its payouts are the product of the multiplier by the bet amount (25, 50, 75, 100).

Winning combinations

A field of 15 cells of Blood Suckers slot fill 11 characters, 10 of which can form payable chains. Rules for combinations are standard: the beginning with the leftmost reel, the location on the active line and a set of 3 – 5 identical elements in a row. Conventionally, all symbols can be divided into three groups:

  • Major – any vampires, have high pay multipliers;
  • Minor – the inventory of ghoul hunter, has multipliers no higher than 100x;
  • Special – Wild, Scatter, Bonus – activate bonus features of the slot.

Bonus Game and Free spins

Let us first briefly point out what prize features are available on the Blood Suckers slot machine:

  • Bonus – themed game with instant payouts.
  • Free spins – 10 spins without deduction from the balance.
  • Risk game – no.
  • Jackpot – no.

Bonus with sarcophagi

The action is triggered by 3 – 5 Bonus elements that form a combination, according to the rules of the machine. In front of the player appears 12 sarcophagi. The goal is to open the boxes, destroying vampires. Each defeated ghoul brings a certain number of coins. The payout depends on the stake and the number of Bonus symbols that trigger the mini game. If the open sarcophagus is empty, the round ends. The maximum win for the bonus, according to the provider, is 812.8 of the bet amounts.

Free spins

Activated on a roll of 3 – 5 Scatter elements on the field. The player is given 10 free spins. All winnings for the round are multiplied threefold. Free spins on the slot can be activated repeatedly, but additional coefficient of 3x is not applied.


Blood Suckers slot machine is always present among the most popular slots bitcoin casinos. Emulator stands out extremely high returns, and fans of the game for free captivates story-line apparatus. Additional interest gamblers cause the opportunity to rip big winnings from the bonus round. Significant drawbacks slot machine has no. Due to the low volatility; prize combinations are collected almost every second spin.