Best Craps Betting Explained


Craps is one of the simplest and most confusing online casino games ever. On the one hand, players don’t have to learn any strategies, since all you have to do is roll the dice and go. But on the other hand, the sheer number of craps bets can be confusing for even the most experienced players. Below is a brief overview of the smartest craps bets at the best bitcoin casinos.

Laying the Odds/Free Odds

Laying the Odds is a follow up bet to the Don’t Pass bet after a point is scored. This bet wins if a shooter lands a 7 before a certain number of points are rolled. Conversely, it loses if the score is thrown before a 7.

Interestingly, this bet has no house edge. This is because it is statistically fair. Therefore, it is no surprise that Laying the Odds bets are very popular among most craps players.

Pass Line

If you read most craps tips online, you will know that this bet is necessary to survive in the craps world. This is because the pass line bet supports the shooter and gives you a house edge of 1.41%, which is one of the lowest in the house.

In this bet, players are betting on the shooter to land an 11 or 7 before a 12, 3 or 2 on the come out roll. If the dice land on 11 or 7, the pass line bet wins, while you lose if the dice land on 12, 3 or 2. If the dice land on any other number, this bet remains active.

Don’t pass the line

Another craps bet worth placing is Don’t Pass Line, which is the exact opposite of the pass line bet. In this bet, you predict that the shooter will automatically win if he rolls a 12, 3 or 2. However, if the shooter rolls an 11 or 7, you lose the Don’t Pass Line bet.

As with the Pass Line bet, the bet remains active if the shooter rolls a number other than those discussed above. Moreover, the house edge is even lower in this case, as you enjoy a rate of 1.36%.

Betting on 8 or 6

Up to this point, you must already know that 7 is the most common craps roll. However, you can also bet on the shooter rolling an 8 or a 6. It is even possible to bet on both numbers and double your probability of winning.

In this bet, the probability of rolling an 8 or 6 is 13.89%. Well, this is second only to the probability of rolling a 7, which is 16.67%. Moreover, the house edge is temptingly low at 1.5%.

Come Bet

Come Bet is a craps bet that is made after a pass line point has already been determined. Essentially, it is a pass line bet that is made after the come out roll. After you roll the dice and create a score, you can make the come bet. If your subsequent roll is 11 or 7, you win Even Money. However, you will lose if it is 12, 3 or 2.

So, as you can see, this bet is like playing two games at the same time. Of course, this can make it difficult to keep track of all your movements on the table. But the reward of 1.41% house edge is worth the effort.


Are you ready to play craps online now? I hope so! Making craps bets is very easy, although you may need basic knowledge of the game’s rules to get started. Don’t worry, though, because live dealers are always happy to give helpful craps tips to new players. So have fun and good luck!